Self-explore Events

Join me to breathe, meditate, delve & rejoice with others in the journey we call LIFE.

The ‘journey’ can feel a lonely place sometimes. Life is busy, people are busy. Leaning on others can feel burdensome, especially when you prefer flying solo. However, finding support from others is so important & so part of the journey. We all feel pain, loss, confusion, love, fear & joy, & sharing it is part of our growth. That’s why I decided to create these events. I know what it feels like to feel isolated, & I also experienced the benefits of coming together with others on a similar journey to share, cry, feel, laugh & find a little more peace to carry me along the path with a little more ease.

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Are you ready to go from being stuck in a rut to trusting your gut?

I will help you build love & trust with yourself & this place you find yourself so that you can give yourself permission to let go & feel safe to start exploring more fully.

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